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My name is Stefan Aurel, actually I’m living and working with my family in Athene, Greece.I was born on 8 September 1975, in Dobriceni village(Olt), Romania.It is said that a chil’s education depends on family, the teacher and the place he is coming from and the people you meet.I descovered my talent for drawing when i was young, playing in the parental home of the great drawer Sabin Balasa.

He was my neighbour and then he became my idol, too.I had the necessary time to get to know him and to understand the blue color much better.That “blue”, caracteristic and almost unique for Sabin Balasa.The first prize i won at the age of 8, taking part to a drawing contest and it was so unexpected when the youngest boy won.Then, i took part to different contests and i won different prizes.believe that a healthy lifestyle begins with a healthy diet.

Living in an area with a lot of well-known pottery artists and arhitects, i was attracted by those, too, so i turned the wood and the clay into the game of my childhood.I was so lucky to meet a lot of people and it’s for sure that they defined my destiny.Wood cravers, potters, well-known painters who defined my style.I’m not going to tell their names, i’m afraid not to forget anyone.The sensibility is the “curse” wich made me see the life full of colours, throw my black-white road.The desire to know, to study and descover a lot of things is still difineting me.I do so many things that even the bad luck is “bored”.

Life is too short to take brakes and no one can criticize what we do or to agree with it, just the history.I’m doing my best not to get destroyed by the cutun and the truth.I’m having dreams and I’m happy i can make the come true the next day using the three main ingredients: 


Stefan Aurel


A talented guy with limitless fantasy and tons of ideas everyday.

Stefan Aurel
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